NATURAL meets POWERFUL. Together at last.


Magnesium from the sea

is the secret to natural deodorant that works.


Go ahead. Get Close.


LIFE GUARD is made without aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.


LIFE GUARD is made without Parabens which can disrupt your body's natural hormonal balance.

Baking Soda-Free

LIFE GUARD is made without baking soda which can change the pH of your skin causing a painful rash. Perfect for sensitive skin!

We make LIFE GUARD for people who care about their health with safe, effective ingredients you can actually pronounce.

LIFE GUARD's always on duty with premium ingredients from the sea! Ocean magnesium for odor protection, sea clay to detoxify and fight wetness & sea kelp extract to detoxify and sooth.

Money Back Promise & Free US Shipping

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What we put in

Lots of good stuff.

We're proud of our ingredients! Magnesium From the Sea, Witch Hazel, Corn Starch, Arrowroot Powder, Sea Clay, Lavender & Tea Tree Oils, Non-nano Zinc, Sea Kelp Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Vitamin E

Scented with your choice of either All Natural Botanical Oils OR Phthalate-Free Fragrance.

What we leave out

All of the scary stuff.

LIFE GUARD is created with NO: Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, Steareths, Phthalates, TEA or DEA. LIFE GUARD is also made without harsh Baking Soda which can cause a painful rash, so it's perfect for sensitive skin!


Made in the USA

Made by real people, in small batches, on the coast of Maine.


Cruelty Free & Vegan

We never test our products on animals (except humans).


Pure & Natural

We choose only pure, safe ingredients because we know you care.

Healthy young woman at beach talking about LIFE GUARD natural deodorant

Beach lovin' girl next door finds aluminum-free deodorant "soul mate"

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Hard working coastal guy finds equally hard working nat deo

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Healthy young man at beach talking about LIFE GUARD natural deodorant

Aw gee, Thanks!

I'm a carpenter, so I really put this stuff through it's paces. I'm a huge fan and my girlfriend loves the way I smell.

Alex D.

After being treated for breast cancer, I took my nurse's advice and stopped using antiperspirant. Life Guard is by far the best of the natural deodorants I've tried.

Darlene S.

Love this deo! No nasty stuff, doesn't stain my clothes, and I still smell nice even after yoga :) I'll be back for more!

Becky M.

... your deodorant makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself everyday. Thanks!

Ashley W.

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Our Story


Hi! We're Sherri & Lori, the sister duo that founded SuperHuman Naturals back in 2011. We pooled our resources and talents then began happily manufacturing and selling a variety of natural products.


Our journey to develop LIFE GUARD started with a conversation that went something like this - Sherri: "I wish I could find a kickass natural deodorant. You know, one that actually works." Lori: "I hear ya. Hey, maybe that should be our next product. I mean, how hard can it be?"


As the song goes, it's not easy being "green". After testing close to a hundred underperforming formulations - and just as we were about to throw in the towel - we stumbled upon the secret ingredient, which, as it turns out, had been all around us the whole time!


You see, SuperHuman is based in the small fishing village of Friendship Maine. We're at the tip of a peninsula that juts out into the ocean, so basically... we're surrounded by seawater. For us, the eureka moment was when we discovered that magnesium derived from seawater was BY FAR the most effective odor-fighter that we tested! From there, it seemed only natural to look to the sea for other effective ingredients. With the addition of skin-soothing sea kelp extract and the wetness protection of sea clay, LIFE GUARD Nat Deo was born.


By early 2016, LIFE GUARD was outselling all of our other products combined. It was clear we had a winner. By midyear, we made the decision to rebuild our website and business to focus solely on LIFE GUARD. We also chose to offer Free US Shipping, Free Returns and a Money Back Promise because we want you to feel confident - both before and after your purchase.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for being a Superhuman!

~ Sherri & Lori

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