MMoME and SuperHuman "SEAL" the Deal

Why We Donate to Marine Mammals of Maine

The story begins with one injured seal, two dedicated rescuers and three campers.

Injured Seal


Hi! I'm Lori, one of the co-founders of SuperHuman. In October of 2012, I was camping with my husband Peter and my daughter Elise at Hermit Island in Small Point, Maine. One of the reasons we have always loved camping there is that, if you're very lucky, you can snag a site that's right near the beach. On this particular trip, we were very, very lucky and pitched our tent on a ledge overlooking the shoreline. One afternoon, while we were enjoying the view from our campfire, we noticed something washing around in the surf. What we first thought was a log turned out to be the poor little fellow in the photo above.

We investigated further and found that the unfortunate seal had deep gashes on his body and tail. One look in it's sad eyes told us he was in pain and needed help. My husband kept an eye on the little guy (without getting so close as to frighten him), while Elise and I tried to find assistance.

Cell phone service is spotty down on the point, and since Elise and I both have what we call "dumb phones", we decided to try to call my sister, Sherri (my fellow co-founder), back at home, to see if she could help somehow.

When Lori and Elise called and told me about the poor injured seal, I jumped on my laptop and began searching for any kind of organization that might be able to rescue him. Over and over, the Marine Mammals of Maine website kept showing up.

After reading about their efforts responding and helping marine animals on the midcoast, I knew we had found the right organization. I gave Lori the Stranding Hotline phone number that was on the MMoME site and kept my fingers crossed. 

I called the hotline number right away and was put through to Lynda Doughty, the Executive Director, who couldn't respond immediately. She arranged for Dominique, a stranding assistant, to meet us.

The intrepid Dominique arrived within an hour, flashlight in hand, as dusk had now fallen. For you to understand what a truly amazing feat her response time was, take a peek at where Small Point is on a map! It was brisk and breezy too by this time and we were all getting chilled and wet in the surf. Dominique was impressive as she stood in the cold water to prevent the seal from heading back out to sea.

A truck pulled up to the beach access and shone it's headlights down onto the sand and onto what had now become a small group of onlookers. Enter, Lynda! Now both rescuers were on the scene. It was Lynda's opinion that the unfortunate animal had been wounded by a propeller. She told us that they love what they do and that trying to help animals, particularly ones that have been injured from human interaction, is important to everyone at MMoME. 

Armed with a large dog crate and a couple of beach towels that Elise brought down from camp, the two women managed to wrap up the poor little fellow and to muscle him into the crate. He was then loaded into the warm vehicle to be transported all the way to The University of New England's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Facility in Biddeford!

As we watched the truck drive away into the night with the sad-eyed seal, our one big regret was that we hadn't had any cash or even a check with us to offer a donation to this dedicated team. I called Sherri to let her know that the seal was no longer suffering alone on the beach.

That's when we decided that we would donate a portion of the profits of each SuperHuman product sold to this worthwhile cause.

And that's just what we do!

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