SuperHuman Goes Com-POSTAL!

Postcards From Friendship, SuperHuman Naturals Blog, Friendship MaineOur all-natural Best Ever Lip Balm gets a snazzy new COMPOSTABLE tube!




After months of investigation, we began to believe that the perfect, environmentally friendly lip balm tube didn't really exist. You know, the natural product manufacturer's version of Big Foot. Oh sure, one hears tales about these mysterious and elusive packaging items... whispers about an "almost 100% recycled" container... the occasional mention of a possible source buried in the comment section of an industry blog... maybe a blurry photo of a tube that's manufactured in China and reputed to be biodegradable...

AND THEN (angels singing)

We found it!



This amazing paperboard tube

  • Is made in the USA
  • From renewable 100% recycled materials
  • It's twice the size of ordinary chapstick tubes

and... drum roll please...


Wrap all of this awesomeness up in a recycled kraft paper label that's printed with soy ink and you've got an Eco-Friendly Lip Balm of Epic Proportions! Grab one of these bad boys for yourself!

Here at SuperHuman, we think there's nothing more beautiful than a compost pile.

OK, so that may sound a little weird, but how wonderful is it, that when you've finished up your tube of all-natural balm you can "return it to the earth"? As we say here in Maine, "wicked cool", right? 

So, whether your home is surrounded by water & trees or asphalt & high rises, everyone can do their part!

If you can't compost at your home PLEASE check into composting companies and facilities in your area by visiting FindAComposter or the EPA's List.

Remember, composting is the GREENEST thing you can do to help the earth.


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