Life Guard FAQs

Q. Is LIFE GUARD really natural and will it really work?
A. Yup! Our aluminum free deodorant base is completely natural. It will be scented with your choice of either a 100% natural botanical oil blend - which is subtle and fades gently throughout the day (still no body odor though!) or, for the folks that prefer a more noticeable, long lasting scent, we offer safe, phthalate-free fragrances. AND, Yes. It really works! We're so sure you'll love it, we offer our Money Back Promise.
Q. Is LIFE GUARD an antiperspirant?
A. Nope. Antiperspirants (and mineral stone deodorants) contain aluminum-based ingredients that clog your sweat ducts, making it harder for your body to cool down and release toxins. That's just not natural. Plus, aluminum has been linked to serious health concerns like Alzheimer's, breast cancer and kidney disease. We add super-absorbent sea clay (which also detoxifies) and plant starches to help you feel drier without disrupting your body's normal functions. LIFE GUARD was formulated for people that care about their health.
Q. Why is LIFE GUARD a roll on and not a stick?
A. We decided to formulate a liquid deodorant because one of the most common complaints about natural deodorants is stubborn, oily stains that can ruin your clothes. Stick deodorants contain oils and waxes which are not only greasy, but trap bacteria.
Q. Is LIFE GUARD safe for sensitive skin?
A. Sure is! Our deodorant is made without baking soda, which can change the pH of your skin, causing an itchy, painful rash over time. Of course, it's always best to perform a skin patch test on any new personal care product, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can find instructions here.
Q. How do I use LIFE GUARD?
A. Simply roll onto clean, dry underarms, being sure to cover the whole area. Smooth into your skin, then allow to completely dry before dressing (about 2-3 minutes). Always be sure to shake your LIFE GUARD vigorously (with the cap on) before each use.
Q. How long does a bottle of LIFE GUARD last?
A. Most people find that our large, 3 ounce bottles last them 4 months or more.